Today we’re talking about why all Agents are not created equal!

Now of course you need to be able to trust your Agent but what’s just as important is they need to be current in all aspects of the business.

That means negotiating and paperwork, as well as marketing and advertising, including social media, legal issues and so forth.

Because if you don’t find someone who’s a good fit, the wrong choice could cost you thousands of dollars or more. 

They could also expose you to liability during the purchase process or even after the transaction closes! For example,  after Clients of ours entered into a purchase agreement with a Seller, right after we opened Escrow, we discovered the Seller didn’t have authority to sell the property. So we cancelled Escrow immediately!

And what a complete waste of time for everyone, and that’s just because the Listing Agent didn’t do their homework!

So, you should do your best to work with someone who is more than just competent or capable.

Please do your research and set the bar higher for yourself just like you would if you were hiring any other professional. 

We hope this helps, see you next week!

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